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United Biotech was founded in 2008, and "natural physical health" and the creation of a guide, grafting biological Aging semiconductor technology. Enjoy the modern metropolis too fast eating and fine food, the lack of activity and life in the range of motion and slowly accumulate it appropriate physical symptoms - also called "sub-healthy."

"Sub-health" has been WHO (World Health Organization) is positioned as a preventive health policy in the 21st century. People in a healthy condition, the body's immune function decline, suffering from diseases easily derived. It appeared to be healthy, but it is covered with wrong, overdraft energy, fatigue, the body's natural aging, less serious condition, sometimes not check out why. So "Express health culture" operational and health, rely on science and technology health care products, food and medicine, the degree of enrichment of food ingredients is growing.

Vanda biotechnology in order to help adjust human "sub-health", regulating physiological function, panacea, longevity, and create a life and the creation of youthful vitality. Vanda R & D team to uphold the spirit of excellence, and constantly enhance their research and development technology and quality control, to professional and technical combination of modern medical science and nutrition, with a cautious attitude, for the nutritional needs of the people, we developed a number of health excellent beneficial to human body natural nutritional food, to help adjust the body "sub-healthy" state, regulating physiological function, panacea, longevity, and create a life of youthful vigor, to lead a healthy trend, into modern life, the pursuit of good product innovation, won the trust of consumers .

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