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Dr. Long Technology Group Technical Director at Dr. Yang Jiongyao committed to promoting science and technology diversification philosophy, started in 1999, the semiconductor light energy into the system and with internationally renowned university laboratory research and development, 2007 to obtain a semiconductor light energy process technology transfer, and the establishment of Branch Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. 2009 tested successfully by a number of OEM manufacturers, and actively plan to import mass production of automatic production to cope with the huge demand of the market. Semiconductor light energy product is a new technology developed by the forward-looking titanium crystal element LVL use to do, and then to semiconductor technology, will release waves of energy media, implanted titanium crystal element, so that it can release energy for a long time, break times yuan Multiple wavelength and wavelength specification technology, has reached diversification philosophy, the current process technology is quite mature, the scope is very broad, in the third class medical, fast heat conduction, energy saving and carbon reduction, food and so on Aging, and bio-breeding to cultivate; almost in Use on all areas, including the areas of aerospace, defense, medical, agricultural, livestock, animal husbandry, fish farming, industry, food, biotechnology industry in applications.

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